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I’ve been a member of TSB since June 2023. Ever since my first class I have been obsessed! There is such a great variety of classes to choose from, everyone is so welcoming and the instructors are amazing! The new studio is absolutely amazing! It’s much larger and can accommodate two classes at the same time which is perfect. I’ve been to plenty of fitness studios over the years but TSB is hands down the best!

-Janell Z

I was deep in depression when I saw an ad for TSB with the “Come As You Are” motto and was inspired to give it a try. I was nervous because I had never tried Pilates or Barre, but my nerves quickly subsided as Casey and the other instructors were so warm and welcoming. I was barely functioning but morning classes at TSB gave me a reason to get out of bed and left me feeling stronger mentally and physically. I feel like I have found an amazing group of genuine, supportive, positive, and empowering women. I can’t say enough good things about TSB, easy scheduling, knowledge fun instructors, excellent variety of classes and times all in a welcoming supportive environment.

-Julie L

 I have been coming to the sweat box for about 9 months and my favorite class is pound. It’s fun, energetic, and such a great workout. My favorite thing about TSB is how comfortable I feel there. I have always had “gym anxiety” and have never felt comfortable in other gyms. The first time I walked into TSB I knew I found my place and because of that I have developed a passion for working out. They truly mean it when they say “Come as you are”. I love the classes, the people, and you couldn’t ask for a better gym owner than Casey.

-Gabi B

I actually love all of the classes that are offered and actually try to attend each type of class weekly. I don’t just have one favorite thing about The Sweat Box….there are many, the atmosphere, the instructors, and more! It’s an awesome place and I can’t say enough good things about it. The new studio is really nice! It has more space than Garfield, and private bathrooms and no stairs.

-Michele Z

I love all classes! But especially pilates, yoga, and rockstar burn! My favorite thing about TSB is the sense of complete acceptance of everyone to come exactly as they are in that moment. To know that no matter how I arrive that day, the instructors are ready to meet us where we are, in the body and mindset we’re in and support us through the whole journey. It’s not just about the exercise or changing your body to look a certain way; it’s about creating a lifestyle of acceptance for yourself no matter where you are in life or what your body looks like. You feel worthy and safe exactly as you are at TSB and in your own life too. I love the new studio!! It is fresh and open and so spacious!!

-Rebecca G

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